Enjoyed this interview with Crimson author, Synithia Williams.

M. Kinnel, Writer

Today I have the pleasure of talking with romance author Synithia Williams. I met Synithia on Twitter awhile ago and I’ve been following her budding writing career ever since. She has two romance books under her belt, You Can’t Plan Love and her most recent release Worth the Wait.

Me: Hi, Synithia! Thanks so much for joining us today. Please tell us a little about yourself and when you first knew that you wanted to become a writer?

synithia williams Synithia: Hey, Mel! Thanks for asking me to visit. Hope you don’t mind I brought lattes. I love dishing over coffee 🙂

Anywho, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first book when I was six and hand wrote my first 300 page novel in high school. It’s something I’ve always done, but really considered a hobby. I didn’t pursue my writing dreams until 2010…

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Novelist, freelance journalist, and hopeless romantic, Reese Ryan, is a native of The Cleve (refer to her favorite 30 Rock episode for clarification). She lived in Northeast Ohio most of her life mainly because of the endless supply of fresh water; the vibrant arts and cultural scene; and one of the most amazing symphonies in the world. Reese now lives in Central North Carolina where she basks in the ubiquitous sunshine while enjoying the state’s many green spaces, and dodging the inordinate number of decidedly bad drivers (most of whom have migrated from other states). A self-proclaimed Bohemian Southern Belle, she treads the line carefully between being a “Northerner” and a “damned Yankee” despite her insistence on calling soda ‘pop’. She gauges her progress by the number of “bless your lil’ hearts” she gets each week. She is currently down to two.

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