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Love Me Not is a modern love story, with very human and flawed lovers. Addictions, family dysfunction, a complex and relatable heroine…not your run of the mill romance novel.  Well written. Recommend

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Censoring Your Novel – When Is The F Word Appropriate?

Very interesting topic for writers. Where do you fall in this discussion?



Editing for me is the most difficult part of writing a novel. So many ideas, characters, plot lines and opinions to take into consideration that it can be easy to become obsessive when finalising the changes needed to make your book the best is can be.

One topic that has been brought up on many occassions while I have been doing book signings from various people has been the aversion many readers seem to have to swearing in a book. Sometimes I will speak to people about my novel Corrupted and one of the first questions they will ask is, “does it have swearing in it?” Admitting that yes, ‘Corrupted is littered with swear words,’ is enough to put many people off of reading my book straight away, I have found so many people who are against the use of foul language in literature that I am considering cutting most…

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