How to Write 10,000 Words in a Day

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How to write 10,000 words in a day: 6 steps to a successful writing marathon | www.sprintshack.wordpress.comWe word sprinters like to push ourselves. The pressure of a time limit makes us more productive and we thrive on the challenge. And what greater challenge is there for a sprinter than writing more words in a day than we believed possible?

For those of you looking to really test yourselves, the 10k Day Challenge might be just the thing. If you’re interested in giving it a go yourself, here are my six steps to writing 10,000 words in one day.

(Before I start, I will add a small note: although the focus of this post is on writing 10,000 words in a single day, the steps listed can apply to any word count goal you set yourself, whether that’s 1000 words, 10,000 or more.)

Step 1: Break down your target into manageable chunks.

10,000 words is a BIG number. To some, it seems impossible. It’s not. It’s all…

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A Virtuous Ruby, Rachel Dolezal and the value of blackness

Wonderful post from Piper Huguley.

Piper Huguley

Ruby will be available on all platforms and in print exactly one month from today! Ruby will be available on all platforms and in print exactly one month from today!

In the flurry of discussion about the Rachel Dolezal story, people have overlooked one big issue. I haven’t though. This issue has made me think of how much, in one hundred years time when I set A Virtuous Ruby, how little has changed. Dolezal is clearly a pathological liar, but the reception of her deception is what interests me. Many have gone out of their way to treat blackness with complete and utter contempt.

Media figures have postured that the blackness that Dolezal sought to appropriate could not possibly be something that a sane person would want to take on as worthwhile. I witnessed this treatment in the quizzical voices of journalists as they interviewed her parents. Their treatment reminded me of how my light-skinned character, Ruby Bledsoe chose to work and live as…

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An Open Letter to White, Straight, Able-bodied Romance Authors

Awesome article by Mariana Gabrielle.

Obstinate Headstrong Girl ... author Renée Reynolds

awesome words wordle

My esteemed colleagues,

We have a very long way to go.

Most of us say “Diversity in literature is really important,” and/or “I am not racist/ ableist/homophobic,” and/or “Of course, I would buy a romance novel by or about a person of color/gay or lesbian/disabled person.” But when was the last time you did?

When was the last time you bought a romance by an author, or about a character, with a different cultural, historical, or physical experience than your own? About a person with a different skin color, nationality, religion? About a gay man or lesbian or transgender person? When was the last time you bought a romance with a physically or mentally disadvantaged hero or heroine? A novel about people who live in the margins?

When was the last time you wrote one?

Women are overlooked in myriad areas of publishing—book contracts, sales, awards…

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A to Z Challenge: P is for Persistence

Great post by Susanne Matthews on persistence. #AtoZChallenge

susanne matthews

a-to-z HEADER [2015] - aprilGood morning. It’s Saturday, and I’m ready for some rest and recreation. Later this morning, I’m attending a mini comic book/sci-fi convention. I won’t be in costume, but my grandkids will. I understand there’ll be Batman, Green Lantern and two clone stormtroopers.–Tonio was adamant about the clone part, so it should be lots of fun.

Badage linkedI wasn’t quite sure how to approach the A to Z Challenge today. I wanted to talk about how dismal I am at promotion, but as I was getting ready to do so, a poster one of my friends  gave me convinced me to that what I needed to write about was persistence.persistence-quote-600-x-3441

What exactly is persistence? I Googled for synonyms, and in them, I found my answer. Persistence means the same thing as: constancy, backbone, bulldog courage, continuance, endurance, perseverance, tenacity, doggedness, continuity, pluck, grit, stamina, indefatigableness, resolution, steadfastness,  pertinacity, game, permanence, singleness of purpose, patience, pertinaciousness…

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Hot Carolina Nights Series Coming in 2015

Wild Horse photo courtesy of Adnan Islam.

This morning I’ve been dancing around my kitchen with unbridled happiness, as if no-one is watching. Though my husband is, in fact, watching me and probably debating whether to call an ambulance. But I can barely contain the joy of finally making a decision about where my fiction-writing career is going next.

Thanks to a marathon session with a writing coach who helped me identify and move past some of the fears that were holding me back, I was able to settle on the series with which I’ll launch my venture into the world of indie publishing. And thanks to the amazing readers who took the time to share their opinions and ideas for a title, and said husband whose vote confirmed my final choice, my small town, contemporary romance series has a name: Hot Carolina Nights.

I’d already created titles for each of the books planned in the series. However, a serendipitous idea prompted me to spend yesterday morning renaming several of the books so that the story titles would all fit thematically with the series title. I also spent some time creating a relationship web to establish relationships between characters in each book and throughout the series.

So, yeah, I’m beyond happy. Thrilled, in fact. On that note, I’ll leave you with a live performance “Blue Rondo à la Turk,,” a classic jazz piece by the amazing Dave Brubeck Quartet (one of the songs I was dancing to this morning). This piece shares that same feeling of unrestrained joy (and unusual timing) that was on display in my kitchen this morning. 😉

Enjoy your weekend!

Reese Ryan. Colorful characters. Sinfully sweet romance.

Wild Horse photo courtesy of Adnan Islam.

Sifting Through Mud with Demetria Foster Gray

So excited about this new release!

M. Kinnel, Writer

As the world of blogging goes, you tend to e-meet (yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that word used somewhere before) a lot of people. One such person that I have had the pleasure of getting acquainted with is Demetria Foster Gray. Her blog, Shaken But Not Stirred, often offers insight about everyday life. To describe it, in her own words, it “showcases human behavior in its purest form to unveil how we navigate around, under, over, and through our daily existence. Because the point is, even though we get shaken up by life, it’s up to us to not be stirred”.

Demetria recently debuted her novel, Sifting Through Mud, which I literally just finished reading, and I’m really excited to shine the spotlight on her today.

Front Cover Only - SiftingThroughMud resized smallSifting Through Mud is a superb story of friendship, betrayal, and forgiveness. Demetria does a fantastic job weaving together two…

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